Posting my very first blog ever and on my blog I plan to write about my life’s adventure, design projects, collaborations, and photography. My first blog post will be more personal and hopefully my readers will get to know me more while they follow me on this adventure. Many of my close friends know I’ve recently left Vancouver and currently embarking on a year journey to Sydney, Australia. I applied for the Australian working holiday visa back in November and once I got approved, I planned my move. I’ve left my job, friends, and family back at home in Vancouver to move to a whole new country and culture. I didn’t have a place or a job lined up in Sydney but that didn’t stop me from moving. I’m so thankful that I have my partner Theodore to follow me on this adventure.

Many people think it’s a huge risk that I’ve decided to drop everything and go, but I think of it more as an opportunity. An opportunity where I can explore a different culture, take my career in digital design internationally, and to learn to overcome challenges in life as they get thrown at me. I won’t say this is going to be easy but I’m willing to take on this challenge. I’ve been in Vancouver my whole life and always wanted to live and work in another part of the world. It was time for me to spread my wings and leave the nest for the very first time. I’m ready for this journey!


Everyone asked why I’ve decided to go Australia out of any other places in the world. I’ve chose Australia because I believe there’s a lot of potential opportunity here to grow my career, and I think I’ll really enjoy the lifestyle that Sydney Australian offers, and it’s beautiful. It’s definitely warmer than Vancouver! Personal note – everyone knows I get cold very easily and even in the spring/ early summer in Vancity I’ll still have my mini heater on. Another reason why I choose Australia is because I want to settle in a new country where I can communicate easily – no language barrier,  a culture that supports a healthy lifestyle, and opportunities to explore new creatives. I definitely look forward to spending more time outdoors, learning how to surf, and hugging koala bears!

I’ll update as I settle into the land of Oz in the coming weeks! Wish me luck!