Donor wall and touch screen display exhibit at VGH & UBC Hospital


As the sole UI Designer for this project, I’ve worked closely with the Creative Director from and Developers on the digital interface designs for the touch screen exhibit.


To join a creative agency team in the later stage of the project and to design user interface screens for an interactive 42-inch touch-screen kiosk for a variety of different audiences. Therefore, the designs must consider wheelchair accessibility, communication in two different languages, and follow UBC & VGH Foundation’s branding guidelines. The designs will need the flexibility of adding more stories and names onto the digital wall as the number of donors expand.


VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation has partnered with donors to provide the funds essential to ensure that our hospitals and health care teams can deliver BC’s best, most specialized care for adults. UBC Foundation recognizes those who have donated $10,000 or more on each of the walls located at VGH, GF Strong, and UBC Hospital.



Two sets of navigations were designed to suit the variety of demographics at the hospitals where these screens were installed

The icon button is used to locate the area where donor’s names are found on the wall






Designed the navigation bar located at bottom of the screen for wheelchair accessibility with one of the buttons giving the ability to switch between languages of Simplified Chinese and English. The home screen was designed with vibrant colours that align with the Foundation’s branding guidelines along with images to catch the attention of users and to welcome them to interact with the touch screen. The home page displays donor stories and larger navigation buttons to allow exploration and donor recognition for their contribution to the Foundation. A back-end CRM was integrated to allow the expansion of more donor names and stories to be displayed in the exhibit as the numbers grow.