Wedding Invitation Design Project


This was my first time doing a personal lifestyle product photography shoot of my designs. I normally take photography for others and never have dedicated the time to capture my own things though I really should! Anyway, I’ve finally found some time to edit the photos of my wedding invitation design project for a special client of mine based in Vancouver, Canada. She was one of my last clients I have taken on prior to my move to Australia and was fortunate to partner with Junica from Junebugs on this project. Her expertise in designing the physical print and product complemented my digital design skills very well.

I designed the monogram to be elegant and timeless by using the first letter of their names. I’ve translated the style across her invitations, envelopes, response card, menu and welcome sign using a modern san serif font coupled with a calligraphy font. I really enjoyed the whole process from the designing to the printing stage. Seeing the project come together as a whole and holding my printed designs felt like an awesome accomplishment. Because we live in a world where a lot of things are now digitalized, holding a physical print was special.

Hope you all enjoy the photos!